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3 Things in Education that Have Stayed the Same and How They Have Changed – George Couros

3 Things in Education that Have Stayed the Same and How They Have Changed – George Couros

I wrote the write-up below in August of 2018, which looks like a Really extensive time ago and a different entire world. Nonetheless, the three things I reference in the publish are as related right now in a post-2020 globe as they were when I initially wrote the submit. 

As I have mentioned prior to, I consider a effective training for any faculty community is to focus on what the “basics” are in education today and perhaps even discuss how they have modified.

For illustration, just one of my biggest influences for writing, when I was a high college university student was sporting activities writer Rick Reilly, who wrote the back site post for Sporting activities Illustrated. His content articles were being prepared about sports activities, but he constantly built a quite psychological relationship to his information, so it was not just about who gained and dropped, but more about the human issue as told by way of a sports lens. Truthfully, I try out in many ways to do the similar factor with education and learning and finding out, and when I truly assume about it, Reilly was an inspiration for me. 

But as a pupil, I wasn’t permitted to bring Sports Illustrated to school rooms for impartial looking at as I was instructed a journal was not “real reading.”  I really don’t feel this is an situation in instruction nowadays with publications, but could it be with blogs or site article content?

I think, to this working day, reading is a “basic,” but we have also to talk about the various approaches we have accessibility to examining and that we can really feel a link to an writer and their type, no matter whether they generate blogs, publications, graphic novels, or magazine content. 

The “basic” is the exact, but our access has modified. How do we leverage that chance with our college students?

Also, as you read through down below, believe of the “learn-fast” plan I shared in 2018 and how critical it has been about the final pair of yrs!

Just a couple of factors to contemplate as you examine the written content down below!

I gave it the Grammarly therapy, but I existing the suggestions very identical to what I wrote in 2018. Many thanks for examining!



During the a long time, I have focused tremendously on the concepts of “change” and “innovation” in my speaking and producing. Modify is a regular in our globe, but I have seen that I have been pondering a ton about what desires to continue to be the same in instruction. Almost nothing stays the exact same 100%, but some massive tips are as real today as they were when I went to faculty, although they can from time to time be overlooked or pushed apart for the sake of “new.” Though the huge suggestions are the very same, the context evolves.

Listed here are three matters that will generally be a basis for instruction and our faculty communities but are ever-evolving:



1. Associations.


Interactions are likely neither neglected nor pushed aside in schooling today, but I would be remiss not to accept how vital this was when I was in university. The academics that addressed me as an particular person and cared about me very first ended up the kinds that I desired to concentration on functioning more durable for in course.

Despite the fact that associations have usually been meaningful, I really feel that with know-how, we have developed opportunities for learners (at all concentrations, which include staff) to share a voice that they may not have considered they experienced right before. The ubiquitous accessibility to technologies should permit us to build better interactions than in advance of. Uncomplicated video clip development will enable us to hook up when it is not doable to be “there.” I remind individuals that if a image is value a thousand phrases, what do you assume a online video is well worth?

This is not to say deal with-to-experience isn’t important (it is critical), but the thoughtful use of know-how must advertise far better experience-to-face connections, not much less.


2. The great importance of content.


I have shared this quotation from Thomas Friedman a lot of situations:



“The planet only cares about—and pays off on—what you can do with what you know (and it does not treatment how you realized it).”

Thomas Friedman



The element of the sentence that is normally targeted on is the “what you can do” ingredient but the “what you know” portion is just as vital. Material is not pointless in schooling it is vital. But what has adjusted is that articles can be collected from numerous distinct sources than when I to start with went to university. A school was the put exactly where you went to entry information. But now, data is ample, yet getting very good data is as vital as at any time.

The greatest analogy I had at any time read on the great importance of content was from John Medina (writer of “Brain Rules”). He mentioned (paraphrasing), “Creation with no awareness is the equal of participating in the air guitar you could possibly know the motions, but you are not capable to enjoy.”

Even though the information has normally been useful, the change in instruction has been to concentrate additional on knowledge and deep finding out than solely retention. Information and facts retained but not comprehended might seem great in the limited-term but has very little profit in the very long-time period.


3. A target on lifelong mastering.


I have heard the expression “lifelong learning” in education and learning for as prolonged as I can bear in mind as both of those a scholar and an educator. This is not new in the 21st century. What is new are the possibilities for learning and the fee at which transform happens. I marvel if the phrase should really be modified to “rapid-lifelong-mastering,” as even things you get utilised to appear to be to improve when you minimum hope it (hi, new Gmail interface). I loathe terms like “fail-fast” or “fail-forward” since they insinuate one thing adverse about relocating alongside, whereas “learn-fast” or “learn-forward” make a good deal far more perception to me.

Lifelong-discovering is some thing that will never ever change, but we could have to get faster at it.



I have read this concern frequently:


“What has altered, and what has stayed the exact same?”


But a little change in the query that could lead to some meaningful dialogue is the subsequent:


“What has stayed the same, and how has it modified?”


There is so considerably to understand from the wonderful work completed in education in the course of the several years, and the intention is not to rid ourselves of these wonderful items but to generate some thing greater with them.