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7 Ways You Can Break A Curse

7 Ways You Can Break A Curse

7. Chapter A Day

Despite what many pastors would have us believe, all power comes directly from the Lord. When we do Obeah it is only because God has granted that power. Thus, it is by calling upon God and demanding on our own authority – as Kings and Queens of the Earth – that we banish Obeah from our lives. What we must remember is that God has given us authority over all things. This even includes the authority and ability to perform miracles (which is what Obeah is when done in a Godly way). He has given us the power to unbind what has been bound by others. If you have been cursed and attacked spiritually the first step is to read your Bible one chapter a day. Consistency is important. The point is not to cram information, but to meditate on the spiritual power within the Holy Bible. However, you must read it with divine guidance from the spirit in your heart. Only through a spiritual, not worldly, view are we able to see the true and occult meanings.

6. Sea Salt Bath

If you feel that there has been a sudden spiritual attack, or a curse of Obeah placed on you, then you may want to attempt cleansing it via the natural sciences. Salt is a pure crystal that will draw away any negative spiritual forces. By relaxing in a bath with a comfortable level of natural sea salt and letting it drain away the negative energy leaves with the salt. Plus, it is relaxing and good for the skin. This small and comfortable ritual can break even strong Obeah. Don’t underestimate it.

5. Sage Smudging and Cleansing

In Obeah we often consider both the African and European traditions, but underestimate the Native American contributions. As settlers and slaves populated Trinidad and Jamaica they displaced and eradicated the native Arawak and Carib populations, as well as contributing to the decline of the Taino. Nonetheless, many Native American Islanders’ spiritual traditions were saved with those of the African diaspora. Smudging may have arisen directly from the Caribbean taught by natives to early slave populations or it may have come at a later date. There is much historical dispute to the origin of smudging in Obeah. Succinctly, the practice of smudging is based on an occult herbal remedy burned to drive away evil. The primary consistency of most smudge sticks is white sage. This is a practice shared by the Native Ojibwe and Cree of North America.

In Obeah we would smudge depending on the type of the situation. To drive an evil spirit from a home would require a different combination of herbs than one to break a bewitchment of love in a house. Most people in areas where Obeah is practiced are able to purchase ‘smudge sticks’ or get a list of the proper ingredients to prepare themselves. The specifics of the smudging ritual should also be explained by the Obeah Doctor. They can be complex and are beyond the scope of this article.

4. Meditation

Meditation is a dual sword when speaking of breaking curses or spiritual protection. When we mediate we strengthen our entire spiritual bodies. This includes what some know as our aura, others as our chakras, still yet our chi, and even what Allan Kardec identified as our perispirit. Strengthening our full spiritual being is a good thing. Unfortunately, in some cases, this can draw a person to a spiritual level they are not ready for. This may mean they are encountering spiritual forces they cannot handle. Rarely is this a risk and occurs mostly in those experimenting with advanced meditational techniques beyond their ability.

3. Basic Protection Rituals

If you intend to practice any form of spiritual art or are experiencing continued attacks it may benefit you to learn the basic rituals of spiritual protection. The most well-known of these is called the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. This is based on Hebrew and European traditions, but has been widely practiced in Trinidad and Jamaica as part of Obeah since L. W. de Lawrence began publishing in Jamaica in the 1940s. This is widely available on the Internet and the ritual is very length in and of itself. It should also only be attempted after you have mastered meditation and a fluid direction of energy. Without spiritual control to perform the ritual then it will fail to drive away spirits or to protect.

2. Proper Disposal of Cursed Item

A singularly unique case is when you are in possession of a cursed item. In a case such as this, removing the item will end the problems. However, it must be done correctly or the curse may stay. The item should be taken to a rural area, to a crossroads. This is the place of Legba and Eshu; they will take back the curse to the spiritual world with them. In this ritual, it is required to go after sunset but before midnight. A whole must be dug and the item covered completely. Finally, the site should be sprinkled with salt. It is imperative not to look back; just as Lot’s wife turned to a pillar of salt when she looked back at a burning Sodom, if you look back at the evil after placing the salt it can follow you back. The whole procedure must be finished before midnight.

1. Professional Spiritual Help

If all else fails it may be best to seek professional help. There are many qualified individuals who can help with spiritual problems of all type. It is often a good idea to seek an expert in what you expect to be the cause. If you suspect Santeria, a Santero. Vodou, a Mambo. And Obeah, an Obi. So forth. Many can break curses from other types; most can. However, this helps you to make sure the person has spiritual experience to deal with that situation.