July 16, 2024


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Ayurvedic Hair Loss Treatment – Does it Work?

Ayurvedic Hair Loss Treatment – Does it Work?

Thinning hair is a worldwide problem, and each corner of the Earth has found ways to combat this genetic curse. While Western medicine has relied heavily on synthetic drugs and medications to restore hair, Eastern medicine has developed a natural solution to cleanse our bodies of toxins and other environmental elements that contribute to alopecia, or hair loss. This is an ancient Asian system that is known as an Ayurvedic hair loss treatment. Its meaning is translated literally into “life-science,” where the quality of life is enhanced by natural science.

The goal of this Eastern technique is to bring inner harmony to the body and establish equilibrium between it and the mind. It is now a scientifically proven fact that stress is directly related to diminished health and that by reducing stress in the body, one can heal and become more productive. When people have heart issues, one of the requirements that every doctor sends a patient home with to improve health is to significantly reduce stress. To allow your body to function properly, you must respect the harmony of the system. Millions of parts equal the one whole which is you. Ayurvedic hair loss treatment systems combine this theology with natural products to produce hair that is healthy and stimulated from a balanced mind and body.

Saini Herbal Scalp and Hair Conditioner is a highly acclaimed Ayurvedic hair loss treatment system that nourishes physically depleted and defeated hair. This product naturally blocks DHT and doubles as a conditioner that fights inactive skin cell build-up from dandruff. This product is not gender targeted, and real hair results can be enjoyed by both men and women. Genes are triggered at the onset of excessive DHT to produce thinner, lower quality hair. If this process is not countered, the hair produced with each consecutive cycle becomes increasingly thin until it is so weak that the follicle and root die. This confirms a state of baldness. Actively applying this product will allow you to keep those lines of growth open and successfully build a head of healthy, strong, and permanent hair.

Shedding is a natural process. It is when the shedding exceeds restoration or the restored hair is excessively weak that problems arise. In the science of Ayurvedic hair loss treatment, overall health is the focus of hair restoration success. While genes are the primary causation of hair depletion, and the only reason one would lose their hair entirely, nutritional factors and stress can hinder any efforts you make at restoring your hair. Build-up known as pitta dosha are elements in your lifestyle that should be avoided. This can include poor nutrition, smoking, becoming overweight, and high levels of stress. Essentially, keeping a healthy body will produce and promote healthy growth.

Beyond lifestyle change and buying solutions to place in your hair, you can also use at-home remedies that will enhance the potential of your hair. Vigorously stimulating your scalp with your fingertips will open the sebaceous glands on the skull and promote growth. Dietary changes that include more vegetables and proteins bring incredibly important nutrients that are the building blocks for healthy hair. Special concoctions that have been handed down through the generations are known to provide results, as well, such as ground licorice and milk applied to balding patches.

These Ayurvedic hair loss treatments may seem simple or even silly, but consider this: thousands of years after inventing it, the Chinese were commended for their cure to the common cold — chicken soup, which contains proteins that help break down excess mucous and heat that helps open airways to alleviate congestion. Sometimes, it is the simple things in life that produce the most profound results, and that is certainly true with an Ayurvedic hair loss treatment.