July 15, 2024


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Can You Make Your Own Telescope?

Can You Make Your Own Telescope?

Truly, few things are as amazing as seeing the stars and planets with your own eyes. Any company making a telescope brand knows this which is why they continue to make high quality, expensive units that sell well. Even if you aren’t an amateur astronomer, you might still consider getting yourself a good unit if only to appreciate the wonders of the universe.

It goes without saying that branded units are made of strong, high quality materials. Depending on the model that you purchase, you might very well be able to spot clear details of heavenly bodies. Obviously, because of the quality of commercially sold units, you can expect to pay thousands of dollars. This may not be very practical which is why some people want to learn how to make a telescope.

Some individuals do hold off from doing things themselves even if they don’t have cash to buy new telescopes. There’s always a chance that you can still spot a good model in online auction sites. You have to be doubly careful though. Auction sites aren’t always the best places to shop for expensive items. Although you might be able to grab a unit for only a couple of dollars, there’s no telling for sure if it is in good shape. Some sellers may sell theirs because the product has serious problems.

Auctions are attractive because buyers get to save a lot. You will however, be able to save even more if you make your own telescope. This may seem like a daunting task because most people have the impression that telescopes are highly technical devices that only experts can construct and calibrate. Nothing can be farther from the truth though. You definitely don’t need a PhD to make your own.

All you really need is a good step by step guide to construction. The best guides don’t just offer instructions but also offer advice on searching for the best but cheapest makeshift materials that you can find right in your own home. Even if you had to buy every piece of material, you’d still pay so much less for them than for a brand new high grade unit.

The easiest path to making a telescope is to devise a Newtonian unit. This is perhaps one of the simplest models to follow and is named after Isaac Newton who used it centuries ago. This basic device just has two lenses to capture light and direct it through the eyepiece. This is more or less the same idea behind easy to make homemade units.

The materials you need might be a bit different from what Newton used in the past. You’d need pyrex lens blanks, cardboard mailer coated in varnish and some plywood. The real key to making these simple materials work is in the polishing and shaping of the lenses.

Yes, you can make your own telescope. The steps are so simple it’s a definite no brainer. All you really need to carefully look for is an authoritative guide that’s been tried, tested and positively reviewed by fellow stargazing enthusiasts.