July 18, 2024


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Celebrate Pride Month: Activities for Students


The arrival of June brings with it the celebration of Pride. In addition to being a celebration of all that the LGBTQ+ community has accomplished, this month is also an opportunity to recognize the ongoing work to foster inclusivity and acceptance for all. If you’re looking for ways to celebrate Pride Month at school, here are some activities for students that you can use in June and year-round to highlight LGBTQ+ history and start conversations with students about acceptance and inclusivity.

5 Resources for Teaching about LGBTQ+ History, Inclusivity, and Acceptance

You can add these activities to your lesson plans to highlight the contributions, history, and experiences of the LGBTQ+ community or to prompt thoughtful conversations about LGBTQ+ inclusivity and acceptance in the classroom.

LGBTQ+ History Poster Set

LGBTQ+ History Poster Set by Nouvelle ELA

Not Grade Specific | English Language Arts

If you’re looking for classroom decor to celebrate Pride Month, check out these illustrated posters with inspirational quotes from famous LGBTQ+ figures.

LGBTQ Support Group Interactive Notebook Activity

LGBTQ Support Group Interactive Journal FREEBIE: Grades 7-12 #kindnessnation by The SuperHERO Teacher

Grades: 7th – 12th | All Subject Areas

This free interactive journal can be used to promote tolerance and acceptance among your older students.

5 TEACHER TIPS For A More LGBTQ+ Inclusive Classroom by Queer Kid Stuff

Staff | Classroom Community

This free video is an educator resource that includes 5 quick tips to help make your classroom more LGBTQ+ inclusive for your students.

I Wish My Teacher Knew Now My Teacher Knows by Sarah Plum

Not Grade Specific | Classroom Community

Create a way for students to always be able to share what they want you to know with this free resource.

Affirming Safe Space Classroom Posters by Zero Waste Classroom

Not Grade Specific | Classroom Community

Help create a safe, inclusive space in your classroom where all students feel accepted and respected with these posters.

Discover more Pride Month resources on TpT.

This blog, originally published in 2021, has been updated for 2022.


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