May 21, 2024


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Channel V Launchpad – The Honoured Ones

Hindi rock has been given a new avatar. This has come in the form of a reality show. Channel V Launch pad which has been a hit reality show and has also been credited with the launch of some of India’s new and very good rock bands like Zero, Them Clones, Zephyr, Reverse Polarity and a host of other big names is back for another season in 2009. Since 2005, the hit TV series has seen some great rock bands emerge. Here’s a look at some of the noteworthy bands that emerged as a result of the show and why they were considered as unique by the judges:
Them Clones: Them Clones is a rock band which won the first edition of Channel V Launch pad and were considered favorites from the beginning with their unique sound and vibrant personalities who best embodied the genre of rock that year. They have since gone on to enjoy commercial success as well as become recipients of countless awards and concerts which have taken them to foreign destinations like the United States.
The Superfuzz: This band has surely emerged as one of the best campus rock bands in India and is on a high after winning the Channel V launch pad in 2008. The band has now moved into Indian mainstream music and has a very catchy sound to it as a result of some great lead-guitar solos and the lead singer, Sanchal, can switch from shouting the lyrics of a particular song to actually singing a beautiful melody.
Helga’s Funk Castle: The band which originally started out as a jam band and were known for their impromptu performances and onstage antics on Channel V Launchpad soon started to change their music to funk. Their sound was much loved by all the judges on the show and their crowning glory came when they were chosen as winners, making them one of the most memorable bands that year.
Reverse Polarity: The newly crowned winners of the 2009 edition of Launchpad enthralled the audience and the judges of the reality show with their head banging and metal songs and walked away with the top honors.