May 21, 2024


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Define Global Warming – A Complex History

To just Define Global Warming as the protracted increase or decrease of global warming temperature in the earths lower atmosphere was not sufficient for the scientific discipline to distinguish the causes and issues in the global warming temperature shift. Modifications in the planets temperature are induced by natural greenhouses gases, and these had to be discovered to define global warming, every one gave unique consequences on the absorbing and escaping of warmth from the lower atmosphere.

To define global warming these natural ingredients were broken into general groupings and estimated the sum to each one that added to global warming; Cloud Cover, Methane CH4 at 7%, Carbon Dioxide CO2 at 20%, Ozone at 7% and Water vapor at 65%. Historical handwritten registers, archeology information and deep ice core study enabled scientist to build this general baseline of the natural chemical elements.

To generally define global warming, it is a normal and slow drift of the warming of the earth lower atmosphere and in point of fact is still a recuperation action from the historical great ice age. In amassing all this information there were random time periods that seemed to be skewed in the warming temperature. Scientist recognized that these notable data variations had to be explained to correctly define global warming; they surmised the data was a consequence of some shape of large natural event that had to occur to have such a large result on the global warming temperature.

NASA was utilizing satellites to study a long-time natural recognized effect to all fishermen named El Nino (warm water currents) and La Nina (cooler water currents), this was finally affiliated to another study on Solar Flare Activity, El Nino came at high Solar Flare Activity and La Nina happened during low activity, this related the 10 year uniform high to low in the warming temperature. A link was shortly made to the abnormal global warming temperature variances by analyzing the “Year with no Summer” that caused large-scale starving throughout Europe in 1816AD, this was caused by the volcanic blast of Tambor that put adequate partials into the atmosphere to obstruct sunlight for decades. When the volcano Krakatau exploded in 1883AD exact record keeping were being kept world-wide and this provided the satisfying data to define global warming fluctuations and the random exceptional divergence that occurred in the data set. Since then numerous past natural events have been related to tops and bottoms of the global warming temperature information set.

Volcanic activity in the early 1100 AD finishing in 1500AD compounded into creating a Mini-Ice-Age in the mid 1600 AD, it took the next three hundred and fifty years for the worldwide temperature to come up to pre-1000AD temperature levels. This natural re-warming of the global temperature was expected to start flattening off in the mid-1900s. In the 1950s Science became worried that the steep gain in warming temperature was not leveling out but carried on the steep angle of increase.

In 1970 all the researchers concurred this sharp increase in global warming temperature was a effect of the additional gases that are being put into the atmosphere by human being activity commencing at the industrial revolution of burning up fossil fuels in the 1700 AD. This added a different class that added to the global warming temperature changes that made up of not of a natural effect, scientists had to re-define global warming once more, adding the component of human being activity. Human being activity since the industrialized revolution added to the natural greenhouse gases an astonishing 149 percent of Methane and still worse 40 percent more of the lethal Carbon Dioxide, the prime worry from these effects is that virtually all of this growth took place from 1900’s to the 1970’s. Included in human being activity was the removing of forests which is the 2nd largest greenhouse gas remover from the atmosphere, the ocean being number one.

As a result of these primary influences the warming temperature has increased 1.32 degs. Fahrenheit exclusively by human being activity and the bulk of this change came in the past 100 years. In this work to define warming all the data suggested a quick change of two degs. within a very short period of time has had a sizable environmental impact, by continuing the current trend the human being activity will increase the global warming temperature by 3 degs. from the years 2000 to 2060. Deep ice core sampling established the Carbon Dioxide levels of present day duplicate the same levels as the tragic event the wiped out the dinosaurs. This very large increase in Carbon Dioxide began to come about in 1940 at the same time of increase in the call for consumer trade goods and services like the creating of electric power.

It became plain by the 1960s global warming temperature modifications would touch us all. Since then numerous supporting studies to the global warming temperature change have been published; the reactions by Administrations and Big Business in the past 40 years has been OUTRAGEOUS and measures to zero twisting the facts and giving the appearance they are doing something. Clean energy sources have been around for a long time and had Authorities taken action to inform and promote these alternate dependable and cost effective natural energy systems the time line could have been prolonged an additional 80 to 100 years before achieving that critical 3 deg. warming period.