September 22, 2023


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Developing Psychological Citizens with Dr. Fathali Moghaddam


As a specific Independence Day installment of Trending in Schooling, we’re reairing our discussion with Dr. Fathali Moghaddam from very last September. We hope you take pleasure in!

Dr. Fathali Moghaddam is a professor in the Department of Psychology at Georgetown College and a college fellow at the Berkley Centre. His knowledge includes culture and intergroup conflict, with a certain focus on the psychology of globalization, radicalization, human legal rights and duties, and terrorism. You can understand more about his function below.

Fathali joins host Mike Palmer on this episode and starts by sharing how his work as an Iranian-born social psychologist was remodeled by the revolution and hostage scenario in Iran in 1979. He tells how he drove to Tehran from England and expended the ensuing decades researching social psychology in the routine of Khomeini. There he discovered of the contexts in which dictators can suppose power and this has been a strand of his exploration at any time due to the fact.

We check out his perception that it is the function of educators to make sure we shield and nurture democracy by acquiring psychological citizens. In a large-ranging dialogue touching on the themes and seminal operates of Dr. Moghaddam’s profession, we also hear what drove him to generate his newest ebook about Shakespeare and the significance of extending further than narrow specializations to undertake broader, a lot more interdisciplinary mindsets. We conclude with notes on the recent state of larger education and the psychology of forms.

It’s a profound and insightful conversation that you will not want to pass up. Subscribe to Trending in Education anywhere you get your podcasts. Visit us at for additional great exhibits like this!


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