July 19, 2024


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Elon Musk, Learning Transfer, and Neuralink


With Elon Musk back in the news with his modern bid to choose over Twitter, we take this chance to return to 2017 when we very first commenced covering the mercurial CEO’s exploits. Host Mike Palmer demonstrates on modern information together with the Brooklyn Subway Shooting as well as Elon’s attempt to get Twitter before we showcase highlights from two episodes with Mike, Dan Stafford, and Brandon Jones from the early days of Trending in Ed.

We commence by returning to Episode 38 from May well of 2017 when we review Michael Simmons’ short article in Quartz which dives deep into how Musk learns with specific awareness to the ideas of mastering transfer and progress attitude. From there, we hop to Episode 47 from July 2017 when we dig further more into Neuralink, Musk’s mind-personal computer interface corporation, and its implications on learning, cyborgs, and the sci-fi foreseeable future of humanity.

It is a zeitgeisty jaunt down memory lane with stunning insights into the news of these days. Do not overlook it!

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