June 21, 2024


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Explore Houston Attractions – Add More Splendor to Your Holidays

Houston is a city filled with attractions on its southern and eastern neighborhoods. The splendor of Houston’s entertainment and fun includes the wide range of local events, agricultural events, as well as events and concerts at the massive parks. The downtown aquarium and zoo usually attract most of the crowd on an annual basis. Houston is also one of the cowboy capitals in America, and the whole Texan experience of the livestock and rodeos can be experienced at Reliant Stadium.

Reliant Stadium hosts one of the biggest local splendors featuring livestock shows and rodeo games. The event essentially showcases the local essences of food, musical and entertainment. Although you may not be familiar with livestock shows and the rodeo, this event will surely mesmerize you with performances by international artists, the best available BBQ in the world, and the fact that you will be experiencing the biggest annual event of Houston. Plan your visit accordingly – it is held in March.

The Lynchberg Ferry on South Lynchburg Road plays an important role as a historic site. The Ferry played an important role in the Texan War of Independence – 1836. A similarly enthralling historic place is the Market Square Historic District. Memorial Park is one of the largest places to relax once you feel more knowledgeable about the city than you did before. Memorial Park sprawls over 1400 acres and also includes a golf course. The place is one of the favorites amongst local joggers and sportsmen.

Apart from these south-Houston features, excellent museums related to arts, science and history. The cluster of attractions in the region almost makes it a second downtown. Some of the other attractions in Houston in and around the city are The Heritage Society, Children’s Museum, Houston Natural Science Museum, Sam Houston Park and Bay Water Theme Park.