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How Malcolm Gladwell Could Enable a Campus Conversation of ‘I Hate the Ivy League’


I Dislike the Ivy League: Riffs and Rants on Elite Training

Published in July of 2022.

Malcolm Gladwell has some difficult matters to say about elite bigger education. We must hear.

If Malcolm or any of the good folks doing work at Pushkin are listening (I know they are smart because we chatted right after I reviewed Miracle and Ponder), listed here is what I’m proposing.

Pushkin Industries, the audio output company Gladwell co-founded and is president, really should do two matters.

Initially, Gladwell and the Pushkin crew should really acquire a discussion guideline for the audiobook. A set of thoughts that college students, professors, and employees can focus on together. I’d be pleased to assistance with that guideline.

2nd, Pushkin must determine out a way to offer the audiobook totally free of cost for any individual with an EDU email deal with. This task should not be also challenging, as the audiobook predominantly repackages Gladwell’s Revisionist Heritage larger schooling-themed podcast episodes. There are no other e-book formats to worry about, and the only way to examine the e-book is to download a digital file and hear. 

In exchange for Gladwell’s corporation heading as a result of the effort and hard work and cost to get no cost variations of I Despise the Ivy League into the palms of college students, school, and personnel — we (higher ed insiders) will do every thing we can to organize campus conversations about the ebook.

Here, I’m calling Gladwell’s guess. If he thinks that the thoughts explored in I Hate the Ivy League are worth talking about inside greater education (and I concur they are!), he must get the essential techniques to allow that dialogue.

Now, I want to be clear. In suggesting that we chat about the tips explored in I Loathe the Ivy League, I am not expressing that I agree with all those thoughts. In listening to the book, I discovered some strategies persuasive (close to standardized testing, rankings, and postsecondary funding) and some silly (Gladwell’s rant versus investing in excellent campus facilities, these as food stuff).

To gesture a bit on exactly where I believe Gladwell receives larger education wrong, he would seem to look at the postsecondary program as a closed pie. A dollar put in right here is one particular not accessible for anything else. In actuality, this is not how better education and learning functions. A dollar invested on a priority these types of as quality housing or meals could generate lots of extra bucks in the type of rising the desire for the institution. A wonderful eating assistance may well be the most successful and powerful system for creating dollars that can be invested in educating students from reduced and center-revenue people.

If I were being going to discussion Gladwell’s acquire on elite greater schooling — a thing I quite significantly hope to do with students, faculty, and workers — I’d test to make the position that correlation is not causation. It might be straightforward to determine simply visible info factors, these kinds of as endowment sizing and scholar personal debt concentrations — and hyperlink the two.

But if you truly care about troubles this sort of as entry, affordability, chance, completion, financial debt, and good quality in bigger instruction, then concentrating one’s energies on the deficiencies of elite universities is possible to be unproductive. (Though admittedly entertaining).

I Hate the Ivy League contains way too minimal evaluation of the coverage, demographic, and structural forces that have resulted in the systemic underfunding of the public postsecondary procedure. Particularly, the ebook states way too little about group schools and the failure at every single degree of federal government to sufficiently fund these most essential of postsecondary establishments.

In Gladwell’s protection, leaders of elite instructional institutions have also performed substantially far too minor to advocate for community larger education and learning.

Why would learners, school, and staff members who research, instruct, and operate at elite faculties and universities want to focus on a guide with the subtitle: Riffs and Rants on Elite Schooling?

Very first, we already commit substantial time critically looking at our institutions and the role our schools and universities play in the broader postsecondary ecosystem. We study, teach, and get the job done in mission-driven establishments devoted to generating chance and awareness. We share Gladwell’s values around entry, high quality, and prices — if we perhaps disagree on the suggests to accomplish people ambitions.

Second, I think that I Dislike the Ivy League might be a guide that students, college, and staff may really realize success in reading and talking about. It is challenging to get heaps of people to examine a book. Much much less get together and discuss about it. This e book is limited, 5 hrs and 11 minutes, and remarkably satisfying.

You may well disagree with considerably of what Gladwell has to say about bigger instruction — I know I do — but you just cannot argue that Gladwell is not a amazing author. He also has a amazing speaking voice and a remarkably conversational delivery fashion. Shared campus textbooks rarely function to create the conversations envisioned. This guide may be the exception.

Ultimately, an option to talk about I Despise the Ivy League will give an opportunity for some teachable moments. Guaranteed, students, school, and staff who listen to the book will learn something about better instruction. They might learn the incorrect things, but that will be up for discussion and dialogue. What they will master is that our tutorial lifestyle thinks in the price of debating (even demanding and unpleasant) ideas.

Audience will also learn the variance among what academics do, which requires a cautious assertion of hypotheses to be tested with data, and what authors like Gladwell do. Ideally, individuals in campus discussions of I Detest the Ivy League will appear absent with an appreciation of how we want the two approaches, academic and journalistic, to make perception of our globe.

So, Malcolm and staff — what do you believe?

Are we heading to obtain a way to make the excellent American I Detest the Ivy League campus dialogue transpire?

You know the place to reach me.

What are you looking at?


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