May 28, 2024


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How To Attract And Seduce College Girls – 3 Proven Ways Which Work

Girls belong to different age groups but college girls are the hardest to attract and seduce. It can be a huge mountain to climb when it comes to attracting college girls. They have larger demands and expect more being at that age group. You would never be able to seduce college girls unless you get your approach, personality and body language right. The old conventional dating scene is outdated now therefore all old tricks of the dating book would not help you much in order to attract college girls. Most girls at that age are used to guys hitting on them all the time and know which dating book they got their tricks from. Therefore it is very important to do something different from the rest. Read on to discover some of the best ways to attract and seduce college girls.

Do you have that urge? – Most guys tend to have a strong urge to impress the girl they are talking to every single time. The best way to impress her is by the way of being yourself. Yes it’s that easy! Most guys try to act like someone else and are never able to attract or seduce college girls. All you need to do is be yourself and girls are highly impressed by honesty and transparency. Just retain your present personality and you would naturally attract girls.

Being interesting is the key- College girls are very quick to get bored and like spontaneity being at that age. Always be as interesting as possible and never let your conversation go into that strange silence mode. Even if you feel your conversation is getting weird silence stops in between always ask her some questions and think about more topics when she answers you. Remember it’s all in the words and no girl would be seduced unless you get your words right.

You want a date not a friend- One of the biggest mistakes which most guys make is that they tend to get too friendly with the girls. You would never attract or seduce college girls unless you concentrate on getting a date and not a friend. Once you get too friendly to college girls they would put you into the friend category and most college girls do not prefer to date friends. They would only keep you around to have a good time with you and nothing else. So the key here is not to be too friendly and not to get too personal at the initial stages of conversation. Follow all the steps mentioned above and you would be an expert at on how to attract and seduce college girls within days.