June 13, 2024


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How to Get Your Child Excited About Online High School

1. Focus on there interests and how they can pursue there passions while going to school or through there school work. Some students love to write or are natural artists. With a distance learning program that caters to the child’s passions and interests, they will be able to do what they enjoy while learning. This can not be done in a public school environment where there is one teacher to many, many children. Having the one to one teacher/student ratio, there talents can be nurtured.

2. Focus on the fun stuff such as:
-Quality Distance learning schools have prom and graduation.
-Online high school takes less time out of the day to complete school work. That makes it so your child can focus on there sport, acting, passion etc. When trying to get your child excited about distance learning/online high school focus on all of the great things that they will be able to do now that they are in a distance learning program and have more free time. Ask them what they would do with there free time. You may be surprised by there answers!

3. Have a plan. Make a plan for not only there education but there social life and interactions, and there college preparations.
For example social interactions that can be planned and schedulable are 4H, sports teams, drama club, specialized tutors, homeschool get togethers, etc. If your student is starting high school, it is best to begin preparing for college as soon as possible. By learning your child’s interests and possible schools they would like to attend. You can make sure there curriculum aligns with the college plans. You can speak to your online high schools college advisors to help you. The top online high schools have high college acceptance rates (look for around 85% acceptance rates in a high quality schools)

4. Use your resources. Many quality distance learning high schools provide teachers for your student, as well as college advisors, parent training center, and support forums. Use all of these to your advantage. Know how to help your child find the information they need, or how to communicate with there teacher. By staying in close contact with your student’s teacher you will find out how to help your child engage in there education, help where they are getting stuck, and encourage them where they are succeeding.

5. Find out your child’s learning style. A quality online high school will assess your child’s learning style before creating a curriculum that is specific for them. Once your child’s learning style is determined, keep it in mind when you are helping with school work and communicating with your child.

Most schools have one “model” of education that is supposed to fit all children’s learning needs. Homeschooling parents have an advantage here, because no one knows a child better than his own parents. Plus, they can also tailor their child’s education to suit his particular learning style. The things that affect a child’s learning style are his disposition, talents, interests, and his environment. There three major types of learner-the visual learner, the auditory learner, and the kinesthetic learner.