June 13, 2024


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Ideal Basic Features of Student Parliament

Student parliament is an organization, be it political, neutral or simply cultural, it has to be some structure. The agenda of the forum needs to be well maintained and the forum should run on certain impersonal rules and regulations. The basic feature describes its basic nature, its prime moots, and its mission and the organizational structure and details to run these pre-fixed notions in planned and meticulous way.

The feature of student parliament may differ from one association to another however the basic similarities like the process of election, the activity schedule, and the membership criteria remain same regardless of country, community, and nature of the parliament etc.

Students’ parliament is basically a students’ organization therefore students should have the power of management of the organization with them although it is expected that there organization should be under some core committee who can monitor the activities and day to day agenda of the said organization with close details. One of the basic features is its organizational structure; although it is named as parliament but it acts more as a coordinated forum for the well being of students.

One of the basic features of student’s parliament is its democratic approach. The forum should have made the access for the members to express, exchange, and extend their views for betterment and multifaceted analysis of an issue in order to find better solution and better approach for the ventilation of decisions about the issue to other members. The right to express opinions and points of views can make a dynamic, and perfectly contemporary in its over-all approach.

Student parliament should have basic principle to coordinate with seniors as well as with teaching bodies about ventilation or demonstration their opinion against any issue. It is expected that students will use their energy, will power, and organizational skill in order to impose better changes in policies or rules of administration not to show obstinacy and stubbornness for short -term success and power play of political systems. It is expected that a should have some code of conducts for implementation of these issues.

Student parliament should work as a bridge between teaching body and common students. The student can place their problems not to harass or criticize the seniors or teachers but to seek assistance to solve any controversy with proper manner and rational humble approach.

The unity and mutual respect should be the basic approach of an ideal student parliament. It is always expected that student should approach an issue to open eyes and with open mind and should be ready to learn the pros and cons of all practical issues in order to understand their social and personal responsibility etc.