June 21, 2024


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IIPM Fee Structure, Programs and Facilities

No matter how much of controversy IIPM attracts, students have still been enthusiastic about taking admission to the Institute of Planning & Management. IIPM fee structure is an infamous one since it has always been thought to be exceptionally high. But the picture is surely different as a lot of students pass out from the institute every year. Somehow only those who study at IIPM are quite happy with what the program has to offer. Before moving on to the detailed IIPM fee structure, let’s understand what the institute has to offer to its students.

IIPM Infrastructure

IIPM infrastructure speaks volumes about the kind of facilities that are offered to the students who are studying there. The campus is huge and offers all state of the art facilities inside the institute’s premises. Some of the key highlights if the IIPM campus are:

  • Amphitheater class rooms
  • 200-300 seater auditoriums for each campus
  • Swimming pool
  • Gymnasium
  • Games like mini golf, billiards, pool, etc.
  • Hostel accommodation

Facilities like these, a laptop for each student and global trips are a few of the important highlights of the facilities provided at the Institute of Planning & Management. Clubbed with high quality education, students exchange programs and international placements with the top brands, it makes a wonderful place to be in and justifies the IIPM fee structure completely. For students who cannot afford the fee are also guided and aided for securing an educational loan.

IIPM Global Faculty

While students pay for all of the above mentioned facilities, a few things that stil go unmentioned is the global faculty that the institute boats of. Global faculty lectures keep happening every now and then at IIPM and students are allowed to understand difference in the economy and business in different countries. Apart from a countries economic situation and business culture being different, there are things like understanding the business ethics and cultural differences which go a long way in corporate success in any country of the world.

Also on the global trips students go to institutes/universities like Oxford, Harvard & Wharton include lectures at these wonderful institutes. When it comes to education and exposure, IIPM leaves no stone unturned. For those who still think that the IIPM fee structure is not justified should have a closer look at the fee structure.

IIPM Fee Structure

IIPM fee structure is distributed in 4 slabs. These slabs have been set according to the number of specializations that a student can opt for and the global trips. The programs have been designed in different slabs with different fee structure. And the maximum fee amount is approximately 12 lakhs which allows a student to specialize in 4 subjects and includes two 20 days global trips to all the top educational universities in countries like UK & US.