May 21, 2024


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Mangosteen Magic And Autism

The huge increase of autism in the western communities is a very disturbing health problem. There are no drug treatments that have the power to counter the sensory withdrawal, the mental inattention, and the inner aloneness of children who are diagnosed with autism. There is no drug that can cancel the pain and frustration experienced by loving parents who try to help a child stricken in this way.

In spite of many admirable efforts by psychologists, doctors and therapists using many techniques, there is little to offer hope to parents regarding prognosis for the future life of their autistic child….until now!

The tropical mangosteen fruit is used particularly in SE Asia as a remedy for many diseases and health problems. The fruit pulp and also the strong outer rind are each used for treating individual conditions. However, it is the juice of the whole fruit that has been instrumental in the dramatic improvements applied in western countries.

News of successful use of the whole mangosteen fruit pulp or mangosteen juice is growing like wildfire as a simple method that includes mud baths to draw out the heavy metals and particularly the mercury that is found resident in the body tissues and beyond any safe limits. Mercury is associated with the commonly administered methods of childhood inoculations. It is recognized as one of the causes of autism and no doubt that chemicals that are directly responsible will also be identified in time.

In conjunction with adding special mud to the child’s bathwater for the purpose of eliminating through the skin any heavy metals, mangosteen juice is given as a pleasant, daily oral health tonic. Results are accumulative and usually the benefits of this method take some time but sometimes improvement is obvious after only a few weeks although there are some cases that have displayed sudden signs of general improvement.

Mangosteen fruit is confirmed to possess many beneficial properties. These include antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties and potassium, calcium, iron and vitamins B and C.

A visit to the internet entries on the subject will provide hope for those who are struggling to cope with the unique needs of an autistic child.

Look forward to happier times ahead as you test the magic of mangosteen and the powerful therapy offered by this simple, natural method.