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Meet the DE Characters:  Zoe, Mei, & Eduardo


In case you haven’t heard, we recently celebrated 20 amazing years of supporting educators and students! This milestone marks a new chapter in our unwavering commitment to teachers and students and our passion for teaching and learning.

But this next chapter isn’t just about growing our resources, but growing our DE family, too! We’re finding even more ways to creatively engage all students, and part of that is the new community of characters living in your DE platform!

This posse of pals love to hang out around DE resources while helping you and your students find and use your favorite content. Keep reading to meet The Big Kids—Zoe, Mei, and Eduardo—and where you might find these lovable additions to the DE team.



Eduardo is a super cool teenager and all-around good guy who gets stoked about learning new things. He is a true adventurer who is completely unapologetic about his passions. His excitement is contagious as his courageous personality encourages you to chase your curiosity and dive headfirst into new topics.

Where You’ll Find Him

Eduardo believes anything is possible and loves bringing people together, which is why he’s always first in line to try a new thing and is quick to cheer on his friends in their own adventures. He’s a thrill-seeker, so it’s no surprise Eduardo is an avid skiier and has also dabbled in paragliding. You may see him shredding on his sit ski, popping a wheelie, going off a jump, or even spinning on his head!

He loves learning about the latest technology and building his brain, and is often tinkering with his puzzle cube.. Smart and cool go hand-in-hand, so of course he shows off his rockstar shades from time to time, too. Eduardo also loves cracking jokes with Abuelo. You’re always in for a good time when you find this grandson-grandpa duo together.


Favorite Functions:

  • Fist bumping you for showing up to learn new things.
  • Digging deeper as he “can’t stop nerding out on stuff!”
  • Asking the next question.
  • Modeling confidence and independence.
  • Adding healthy skepticism to daily learning.

Eduardo’s DE Picks

Eduardo loves going through Math Techbook and exploring the Math in Context Channel. Watching videos about the latest gadget or technology is one of his favorite hobbies, and he knows he wants to be in charge of something BIG when he grows up. So, the Discovering Data – Problem Solving for the Future Channel and the Viruses and Outbreaks Channel are two of his go-to places to learn the latest news and find ways to build a brighter future.

Meet Mei!


Mei yearns to understand how things work and loves to help you in your own quest to understand the world around you. Quite the introvert, she takes her time and has a rich internal life. But that doesn’t stop her from popping up to see you—she can’t hide that curious side!

Where You’ll Find Her

Ever the little engineer, you’ll find Mei quietly exploring and examining things around her, often with a microscope and notebook in hand. She’s always investigating, whether that’s taking apart the vacuum cleaner to see how it works, teaching herself how to code, or even analyzing the contents of bear scat! Yes, you read that correctly. However, she struggles with big groups and overstimulation, so you might catch her peeping out of the lab supply closet, too.

She’s really into birds, and is somtimes surrounded by her feathered friends. But Mei does have a mischievous side. She’s stealthy and likes to play tricks, so watch out!


Favorite Functions:

  • Being your buddy when you need quiet time to think or refuel.
  • Helping you persevere in your passions.
  • Anything STEM; she loves coding and experimenting.
  • Going on Virtual Field Trips with you!

Mei’s DE Picks

It’s no surprise Mei is a big fan of virtual labsMystery Science, and DE Coding. She finds new inspiration in the Simple Machines Channel and feeds her curiosity with Seeker. And she loves to spend bird-watching breaks browsing the exciting content in the Owls Channel.

Meet Zoe!


Zoe likes to be front and center, ready to roll! She is a born leader and plays “big sister” to the rest of her friends. Challenges are her favorite and she can hardly contain her enthusiasm when it comes to learning new things. She is super social, full of ideas, and is always dancing and moving with excitement.

Where You’ll Find Her

Zoe likes jumping into action and encouraging you to jump right in with her! She’s not afraid to fail and wants to spread that confidence to those around her. She has a knack for turning learning into a game and proposing big ideas, so you’ll often see her with a highlighter, homemade map, or craft supplies. Sometimes you can even see Zoe wielding a walkie talkie and clipboard as she leads her friends in a new activity.

When she’s not dancing, Zoe can be found deep in her own good idea or drawing up big plans. But her fun personality is always shining through, and you’re bound to see her playing dress-up to liven up learning. She sometimes even gets overcome with the giggles—it’s infectious!


Favorite Functions:

  • Making you feel like anything is possible.
  • Giving helpful instructions or helping you remember the rules.
  • Suggesting new projects.
  • Helping her friends and engaging with social issues.
  • Making learning fun!

Zoe’s DE Picks

When she’s not watching Shake It Out dance videos, Zoe’s getting hands-on with Sandbox AR or building projects with Studio. She also loves to explore interesting topics in the News and Current Events Channel and Social Studies Channel, and she’s always finding resources to amp up her confidence and empower her friends with the Women in History Channel.

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