June 21, 2024


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Must-Have VPS Server Monitoring Tools

Top Monitoring Tools You Need For Your VPS | ScalaHosting Blog

Before you think of launching a website on a new virtual private server, you will want to ensure that it will give you the best possible hosting environment and for that, you need to buy a domain and web hosting plan first. 

This article will discuss the critical NZ VPS server monitoring tools you need and how they can play a part in your website’s overall success. 

What is VPS Hosting? 

VPS is a hosting solution that divides a physical server into multiple virtual servers with dedicated resources. Linux VPS Server Hosting is a popular choice because it combines the benefits of dedicated and shared hosting. 

Simply put, you get the features of Dedicated Server Hosting at the price point of a Shared Hosting service when you buy a VPS Server Plan.

Essential VPS Server Monitoring Tools 

  • Checkmk 

It is an extensive monitoring tool that works on application servers, VPS and physical servers, cloud infrastructures and database servers. 

It is a free and open-source tool that helps you manage your VPS by performing 1800+ intelligent checks. In addition, a check is effortless to configure and has a range of network mapping and automatic discovery features. 

  • OpenNMS 

This Linux VPS Server Hosting monitoring tool provides server administrators with a management platform that covers all the aspects of fault, configuration, accounting performance and security.  

  • Netdata

This VPS monitoring tool has an exceptional monitoring platform that helps to track everything, from website analytics, processor load and disk usage to relationships between the applications on your VPS server, its running services and the operating system. 

It offers easy integration with an intuitive interface with hundreds of different setups that help to collect and organise data. 

  • Icinga 

This provides a user-friendly interface that includes features like monitoring the database and REST API integration. It is a tool that helps you get tailored checks and has a notification system. It includes a web-based interface that focuses on organising and arranging the data in an easy format. 

  • Zabbix

Zabbix is an open-source platform considered a reliable tool for monitoring and controlling IT systems, including cloud services, networks and physical and virtual servers. Once installed, you can track network usage, disk space CPU load. 

It also supports customised configurations based on XML templates that can be used to perform regular checks. 


VPS provides you with effortless reliability and varied advantages. You can easily manage the server with the tools listed above, but for that, you need to understand the features of the tools and choose one that would help you better manage your VPS server plans effortlessly.