June 21, 2024


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Natural Eye Exercises – Pros And Cons Of Other Vision Improvement Methods

Choosing the right vision improvement method. Many of us have concerns about that. With the many options available it is important that we evaluate them carefully. After all, there is nothing quite like the feeling of satisfaction, comfort and security that we receive when we know we’ve selected the right method. The one that helps us to protect and preserve the most precious sense we possess – The gift of sight.

Glasses – They are a wonderful tool helping millions to see clearly. They can either cramp or compliment your style and appearance requiring minimal maintenance.

However, they do not get to the root of what is causing your vision problems. The focus is not on prevention but merely treating the condition. Have you ever noticed that when you remove your glasses your natural eyesight does not improve; it stays the same. If abused a relationship of dependence develops. This leads to a loss of visual independence.

Contacts- Here are some advantages of contacts- Once you put them on they are unnoticeable. They do not change your physical appearance. Like glasses they only treat the symptoms. The possible side effects include eye irritation and due to the fact that they come into direct contact with the cornea when worn, there is a potential for complications such as abrasions and eye infections.

Laser Surgery- It gives you the ability to see clearly without glasses and contacts. It’s convenient as your vision is restored rapidly and it’s advantageous due to it’s quick recovery period.

As with any surgery there are risks. Due to the lack of scientific research, the long-term effects of laser surgery are unknown. Once it’s done your eyes will not respond to nutritional remedies. 10-20% of patients have reported side effects- double vision, glare, halos, loss of vision lines and dry eye syndrome. According to a press release from the president of Paragon Vision Sciences, the statistics indicate that of the 7. 6 million people who are happy with the results, 400, 000 have negative outcomes.

Natural eye exercises- All other methods of vision improvement only address one specific aspect of eye health-clear vision. Eye health encompasses so many different components.

It’s about relieving the visual system of the stress and tension that we are all exposed to in our schools, colleges, workplaces and there are eye exercises for computer users. It’s about relieving dry eye syndrome and providing the eyes with protection from degenerative diseases and disorders.

It’s about getting to the root causes of poor eyesight-poor nutrition and weakened eye muscles. Solving them with the right nutrition and eye muscle exercises. Like any other muscle in the body the eyes need exercise to achieve crystal clear natural eyesight. This helps us to achieve that essential freedom and visual independence we crave.

Some may object to the fact that eye exercises for vision require more effort on our part than other vision improvement alternatives. But isn’t your freedom from glasses and contacts worth a small sacrifice of only minutes a day?

The value of that effort becomes even clearer when we consider the amount of time spent waiting in the optometrist’s office. As well as the time spent putting them on and taking them off.

A final objection is the time taken to see results. Sure the keys to success at such a program are diligence, consistency and a little bit of patience. But why wouldn’t you want to develop these virtues? These are important virtues and disciplines that extend into other areas of your life that lead to your success. So, why wouldn’t you want to develop them? Furthermore, vision training is endorsed by the American Optometrist Association in it’s medical journal.

There are many different methods of vision improvement. Eye health is so much more than clear vision. When choosing a method let it be the one that enhances your overall eye health. This way, you’ll be able to restore the entire foundation on which your vision was built, preserving and protecting it for a lifetime.