June 21, 2024


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Online MBA Course – Start Earning One From the University of North Alabama

If you need an online MBA course from a business school that strictly accentuate on professionalism, you should consider earning one post-graduate business degree via University of North Alabama (UNA) which produces business intellectuals including Dalen Keys, who is the chief technology officer of Dupoint Displays, and David L. Kennedy, who is the vice president for Coca Cola and executive vice president of Columbia Pictures – both of them were avid learners and they strived through the dynamic business world.

This reflects its high reputation as UNA was ranked as a top tier public university in the Southern Master’s category of the 2008 U.S. News and World Report’s America’s Best Colleges in the year 2007. At such ranking, you will expect experienced full-time professors with myriad experiences in business, teaching and consulting areas. All of them hold doctorates and are seriously involved in research studies that make them withstand to the competitive and dynamic business world.

Basically, UNA offers online MBA course that is designed for four concentrations which are Professional, Information System, International Business and Health Care Management. These designated online programs are enhanced by ‘Tegrity’ software in order to capture and archive lectures in forms of audio and Powerpoint format in which you can view and listen to it at your convenience.

Most of the times, you are required to engage in students online discussion to discuss related case study regarding the topics that you have learned during the lecture. In addition, DVDs are occasionally used to capture and deliver lectures for later review, particularly for prerequisite courses.

It only takes two years to complete the course and it is affordable in which it is notably less expensive than other fully accredited programs. Tuition fees only cost $900 per course as UNA candidates are required to complete 11 courses within certain period of time.