May 28, 2024


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Platonic Fullerene Chemistry and a Serious Mathematical Problem

Nanotechnology is clearly demonstrating the functioning of Platonic Fullerene Chemistry and its related Creative Physics. The workings of this new medical science has been shown to be associated with the properties of carbon when they function in defiance of the 20th Century’s understanding of science. This new outlook upon medical science was derived from the ancient Greek science for ethical ends, which was developed by the scholars belonging to the Platonic tradition of Greek philosophy. For several hundred years these philosophers attempted to fuse mathematical ethics into the life force energies postulated by the scientist Anaxagoras, now considered to be the founding father of modern science.

Anaxagoras’ theory that the Nous forces acted upon primordial particles in space to create worlds, depicted the forces of gravity that Sir Isaac Newton later explained in mathematical terms. In his unpublished Heresy Papers discovered last century, Newton depicted a universe based upon the same scientific principles that upheld the ethical Platonic science. In his personal letters, Newton also wrote that properties of light combined with gravity to transmit evolutionary information to mechanisms within the human metabolism.

Newtons Heresy theories linked into Pythagoras’ Music of the Spheres concept, associated with the light of the All Seeing Eye, now depicted as a symbol of liberty on the great Seal of America. The ancient Greek ethical science was about how harmonic celestial movement resonated with the movement of atoms within the human form. Scientific discoveries during the 18th and 19th Centuries demonstrated that the harmonic movement of light was an electromagnetic phenomenon. During the 21st Century, nanotechnology showed how such celestial movement, both as at a macro and micro scale, might transmit intelligence to mind and brain, compatible to the workings of the Molecule of Emotion discovered in 1972 by Dr Candace Pert.

During the development of the Science for Ethical Ends, several ancient philosophers, including Plato, used mathematics to describe evil as being the destructive property of unformed matter within the physical atom, which could emerge to destroy civilisation. Currently, world leaders are attending an international congress about how to protect civilisation from the destructive potential of nuclear technology. However, a serious emotional mathematical problem exists preventing any realistic solutions from being discussed. The stakeholders in modern technology, politics,economics and region will not tolerate any educational system teaching about the new ethical medical science, which is seen as a threat to the existing global fossil fuel economy. Unless the United Nations and UNESCO develop medical legislation to ease the transference of the existing energy system into a balance with the energies of life, then humankind must suffer the entropic chaos of inevitable destruction.

It is not difficult to explain the mathematical seriousness of this situation. The original format of the Nous, seen as a mathematical expression of physical reality, had a certain mathematical form. This can be described as a non living form. After centuries of conscious effort to fuse ethic into the Nous, its mathematical form can be proven to have been altered into a living fractal logic concept of evolution. No matter how much we develop mathematics, without this spiritual (holographic) element of ethical consciousness, we can only accelerate universal chaos upon earth. For example, the three economists who were awarded 1994 Nobel prizes for their mathematical economic theory, later faced serious problems. Some scientists are now claiming that this problem collapsed the economic base of the Soviet Union and now threatens the entire structure of the global economy.

Medical Red Cross doctors, racing to attend child victims of a fanatical suicide bomber, must not allow emotional rage or a fit of weeping in sorrow to affect their steady hands. They cannot consider the state of mind of the perpetrator of the crime nor the agony of the parents of the children. They have a job to do, which they have been trained for. We can certainly consider that the doctors are carrying out the duties of an ethical medical science. The United Nations and UNESCO are needed to now expand the present understanding of that medical science. The nanotechnology vision of new neg-entropic miracle medical science can certainly be applied to the development of new neg-entropic technologies, which can free global humankind from its present entropic yoke of mathematical ignorance. Such new knowledge will allow the present species of Homo Entropicus to avoid the threat of oblivion, by making a sure footed quantum leap into Buckminster Fuller’s Utopia.

A Group of Bristol University PhD students from the Bristol Centre for Functional Nanomaterials (BCFN) are helping to form an ethical code for nanotechnology and have coined the term, Nano Carta. Hopefully, from such initiatives, will come an opportunity for the United Nations and UNESCO to examine the merits of the ethical mathematical problem put forward within this article. Over forty years of successful research now argues as to why the word Platonic might be added to the term Fullerene Chemistry, belonging to the three 1996 Nobel Prize laureates in Chemistry. Their new medical science could surely encounter the serious mathematical problem referred to herein. Unless younger students investigate this issue, then last Century’s obsolete entropic world-view paradigm will continue to govern all of science, forcing global society to bend and eventually buckle under its horrific yoke.

© Professor Robert Pope

Advisor to the President Oceania and Australasia

Theoretical Physics and Advanced Mathematics (IFM) Einstein-Galilei