June 15, 2024


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5 skills that build a successful professional lifeguard | Guard For Life

A hero in aquatic surroundings commonly called a lifeguard, this is a professional with the same tasks but with more ingrained training in the use of first aid. It is called an aquatic lifeguard since it is in charge of providing immediate response and action to users who are in danger near or in the water.

Knowledge of a first aid lifeguard 

Without a doubt, question ourselves about what is a lifeguard? , one of the first unknowns is how much first aid he should know to guarantee protection and shelter.  

The first aid rescuer has extensive knowledge and mastery of pre-hospital medical assistance techniques, that is, he is able to prepare the individual before he is attended by competent medical personnel.

  • CPR technique
  • Patient assessment
  • Perform oxygen therapy
  • Treat shock or hemorrhage
  • Limb injuries
  • Minor injuries
  • Immobilization and mobilization of a trauma patient
  • Treat poisoning.

It could be said that a lifeguard is would be considered a kind of water paramedic since he is in charge of attending to the eventualities that occur in these entertainment sites.

Professional skills of a lifeguard

When asking ourselves, what is a lifeguard? , he must meet the following competencies:

  • Possess good physical fitness and endurance, since you will constantly have to be on the lookout for situations that will require energy.
  • Be good at swimming
  • Be observant and able to monitor several people at the same time.
  • Be patient.
  • Be a responsible person.
  • Being able to act quickly.
  • Train constantly to maintain excellent physical condition. 

The lifeguard’s professional skills demand a lot of activity and physical exhaustion since they must be able to be attentive at all times regardless of a large number of people or the high temperature of the site.

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How can you become a lifeguard?

When we think about the professional skills of a lifeguard, we realize the merit associated with the position, since it requires a long journey of learning not only about the anatomy of the human body but also about the techniques used to safeguard the health of bathers.

Although many of the practices associated with what a lifeguard is must be done in physical locations, such as the pool for swimming lessons, it also requires a theoretical component that can be studied from the comfort of home.

For this reason, there is currently a proliferation of educational digital platforms that offer, among their enrollment, the possibility of entering courses and specializations on the lifeguard’s task.   

However, the most outstanding is the American Lifeguard Association Specializes in lifeguard training from basic to advanced levels, because of its platform has an impressive array of courses and specializations. In addition, we must mention the preparation and excellence of its teachers. Without a doubt, the path to professionalization and quality learning.

The American Lifeguard Association gives you the opportunity with good lifeguard training programs, to assess yourself whether you want to be a pool lifeguard or a beach lifeguard which means that there are lifeguard training programs for deep water and shallow water to choose from.

You could even improve and optimize your training with first aid courses or specific activities, remember that the responsibility as a lifeguard is great and someone’s life may depend on the lifeguard training you have.