July 16, 2024


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Restoring Ancient Ethical Mathematics to Guide an Ennobling Government

Restoring Ancient Ethical Mathematics to Guide an Ennobling Government

In 2010, the American Mathematical Society published Ruben Hersh’s Experiencing mathematics: What Can We Do When We Do Mathematics? The book argued that no code of ethics existed in pure mathematics but the author felt concern that “mathematicians can enter a mental state that is rather inhuman, totally cut of from humanity.” His concern is warranted. Ethical mathematics has long been banished from global society as a pagan heresy. In particular, wars are still being fought to the death over which Deity provides permission to research the mathematical nature of infinity.

Mathematics has certainly entered into a state of inhumanity when it is politically acceptable for it to be programmed into poker machines to bring about states of financial and emotional bankruptcy. Mathematics, in collision with harmonic artistic sound and colour frequencies can indeed induce emotional states of inhumanity. When this deception is used within the global stock market this process of illusory anticipation provides entertaining global excitement. The current battle for the Presidency of the United states of America, without any mathematical thought or feeling of the eventual outcome, is a good example of this. Government appointed epidemiologists are well aware of the existence of a global epidemic transmitted by dysfunctional global mathematical information systems, but making money no matter what, is the predominate objective in today’s mathematical world.

Mathematical science was not always like this. In 3rd BC, pagan Greek science had a completely different mathematical mental state being taught at two Athenian Universities. The mathematics of emotion was fused to the 28 day cycle of moon movement affecting the female fertility cycle. Harmonic colour frequencies associated with this process were held to resonate with the atoms of a mothers spirit. Instead of anticipating some illusory financial reward, the artistic expectation of dressing up children in colourful costumes and to lovingly care for them was an ethical joy of life. But over the centuries the various war-like gods of modern day religion banished such emotional mathematical logic from being developed for the betterment of the human condition.

To obtain the antidote to this sad state of affairs is not a problem. If the dysfunction money making mathematical expertise is fused with the ethical mathematical logic and programmed into a computer, designed to generate human survival blueprint simulations then we will quickly obtain substantial survival guidelines. This is not an idle proposition. China’s most highly awarded scientists, Kun Huang, in 1979, proposed this research methodology by using sacred Greek geometrical logic to measure the mathematical life-force governing seashell evolution over their fifty million year old fossil record. He noted the similarity of ancient Greek ethical mathematics with ancient Chinese ethical philosophy.

Huang is famous for introducing such ideas into the work of the Nobel Laureates, Neils Borh and Max Born. What is lesser known is that Australia researchers used his research methodology to actually measure the mathematical existence of the life-force governing the evolution of seashell life-forms. In 1990 the world’s largest technological research institute, IEEE in Washington, reprinted this discovery as an important one of the 20th Century, placing it alongside such names as Louis Pasteur and Francis Crick. Unfortunately the logic used belonged to infinite fractal logic, forbidden by global religion and politics to be used to obtain the human survival blueprint.

Kun Huang’s belief in the ethics of ancient Chinese philosophy and its association with ancient Greek atomic physics has now become an integral aspect of a new neurological quantum biological medical science. At some future time, when human tribal persuasions causing injury to the human species can be seen as belonging to a carcinogenic global mindset, Kun Huang’s mathematical perspective will be hailed by a technology well beyond the limits of our present thermodynamic scientific culture. The fact that this global subculture demands human extinction, is by its own definition, carcinogenic.