May 28, 2024


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Walkie Talkies in Schools

Children of all ages are sent for their education to schools and thus they spend a lot of time inside the school campus. The safety and security of these kids should thus be the highest priority for the institutions, which in all ways is responsible for their safety inside the campus. Communication and co-ordination between the various staff and teachers is thus very imperative. It is impossible to personally send or receive messages, especially when the school is big and covers many buildings or dormitories. At the same time fixing a telephone in each block or even in each class is time and cost consuming task. Moreover there is no surety that the lines will always work. The best form of communication in terms of time and cost is the Walkie talkie. Walkie talkies are hand held radio receivers, which can be carried by all within the vicinity of the school campus, eliminating the costr of mobile phone calls.

Walkie talkies are a modern communication concept which became popular after the Second World War. It is vastly used in commercial work areas where each important employee will be spread out in a long area. It functions more like a radio as it receives and sends out radio signals. These are hand held devices which can be carried around with ease. Schools are generally situated over vast areas of land and the staff or security personal will be moving in different directions or placed in different points. The Walkie talkies will help in speeding up the communication process in case of emergencies. Many types of Walkie talkies are available in the market. It can also be customized to suit personal needs. The number of walkie talkie hand held devices and the area will determine the cost of setting up this communication system.

Long Range Radios have the following advantages which makes them a better option over satellite and cellular communications.

Walkie talkies can be used to contact the teaching staff or the security staff at anytime wherever they might be inside the school campus. Other than this there might arise some emergency situation where the need for technical assistance is critical or imperative. The technicians can be contacted immediately and the problem is solved without much delay. Take for example a child is hurt, the doctor in the campus can be summoned immediately using this communication system. Security personal can be alerted about strangers in the campus, strange predators and thieves immediately. Thus the use of Walkie talkies in schools are very important and have become a basic necessity these days as the need and responsibility of the schools to protect the institution and the children are high.

The best part is there is no loss of time and the work or the problem is immediately resolved without delay. It is a one time investment on the part of the schools and many companies might even offer special discounts for schools. Installing the Walkie talkie in your school might also hold high esteem in the eyes of the parents who will be satisfied with the arrangements in school. Get the best services and secure the name, fame and trust of the school by installing Walkie talkies today!