June 25, 2024


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What’s the best bathroom on campus? Student offers reviews of LSU restrooms on TikTok, goes viral | News


It started off as a joke. Chloe Clemons did not hope her TikTok account reviewing LSU restrooms to garner any real attention.

Clemons, a psychology freshman, imagined the generation of a TikTok account centered on score and reviewing on campus restrooms would be funny, and with the encouragement of her buddies, she began the account, @chloerclemons.

Critiques include a pan more than of the restroom in evaluation with a track that suits the atmosphere Clemons thinks the restroom embodies. Texts of her views surface through the video clip commenting on the attributes of the restroom in review, these kinds of as:

  • General cleanliness of the restroom.
  • Design of the restroom some aspect elegant, frosted windows and marble tiling which vary from the industrial and metallic minimalist designs of some others.
  • Structure and spacing of the restrooms specifically notable in the restrooms in more mature buildings that appear to be to be crammed afterthoughts in the building’s structure.
  • “Gapage” of the restroom’s stall doorways, or how significantly room is involving the paneling of stalls and how exposed a person would feel inside.
  • The restroom’s sink-to stall ratio the means for anybody working with the restroom to also wash their fingers concurrently.
  • “Unique features” of a restroom, like the tampon dispenser in Allen Hall’s restroom or the locker in Howe-Russel’s restroom.

According to Clemons, the account is not solely satire. At minimum not the rankings.

“The ratings while, that is essentially what I believe,” Clemons stated. “So I guess it is not satire, but it did start out mainly because I believed it would be funny.”

Her self-mindful, considerably less-significant outtakes on the restrooms could be what introduced her to popularity.

Her videos commonly typical spherical 2,000 sights per movie, however her most well-known video examining Allen Hall’s restroom has amassed more than 80,000 views.

Clemons is not trying to intensely criticize the infrastructure of LSU in her restroom critiques. Having said that, she thinks quite a few of the decrease scoring restrooms can be linked to style and design alternatives that would appear dated by today’s requirements.

“I necessarily mean, there is been a couple periods that I have long gone in there and there’s a sink which is not draining, but I’m not an engineer,” Clemons said. “If you take a making developed in the ’70s, with a toilet from the ’70s, you are heading to see a change.”

Nonetheless, Clemons enjoys character in her restroom evaluations and states that a lot of of the up to date restrooms absence character and can really feel as well empty— at times an solely modern structure isn’t the answer possibly.

Several of the reviews Clemons receives on her films are from college students incorporating their personalized testament to the films. She also finds inspiration for upcoming films in the feedback area.

Consumer @urmomsmytiktokgf commented, “the total of times I’ve cried in this restroom” on Allen Hall’s overview.

“The bathroom wherever I contemplated switching my major following using my very first ochem examination,” one more person, @sydneyniw, commented on Lockett Hall’s evaluate.

Clemons’ viewers extends much over and above the at the moment enrolled learners at LSU. She’s seen that a community of alumni appreciate her material, reminiscing when they utilised the campus restrooms.

Consumer @suz_2538 commented on the Allen Corridor critique, “This created me nostalgic I miss out on college or university.”

A pal of Clemons, sophomore education and learning major Bernadette Clark explained she finds there is a bizarre sense neighborhood located in the loos.

“I went to the lavatory in Lockett,” Clark explained. “There were so numerous folks in there and we ended up talking to each and every other. We’re like, ‘Why is this bathroom so modest?’ it’s awful. I never know them. Probably if I saw them once more, I wouldn’t keep in mind what they appeared like, but that was a instant we connected. So I sense like there is a perception of local community, specifically when the bathroom is even worse.”

Clark, and at times other close friends, accompany Clemons in the filming of restroom assessments, suggesting which kinds to evaluation and what her commentary should contain.

As the account has grown in attractiveness, the two are leaning on cooperative running of the account, with Clark leading the modifying of potential tasks.

Clemons steps the success of her account by the recognizability some of her restroom evaluations have within just the college student overall body. They aren’t groundbreaking, but they contribute uniquely to campus society.


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