June 13, 2024


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Make Remote Learning Effective


Being a distance learner it gets difficult to catch up with what you are being taught. Distance learning became a concept for many students after the hit of Covid 19 in 2020, but it had been going on before too. Online learning has become quite a thing now and many people prefer distance learning when they can not go out, instead of staying home doing nothing. People believe that in distance learning a lot of things get lost in translation, and the students are unable to pay as much attention as they do in class. Well, if we see on the brighter side, distance learning has proven to be effective for many people. There are a few things if we do correctly, we can also make the process of distance learning more productive and effective. 

Create a Study Space

The best way to beat those lazy blues when learning and working from home is to not work, or attend a class from bed. Beat that bed urge the very moment you wake up. Make a small study table ideally outside your bedroom and study from there. Make it look like a learners space and set it up in a well-lit corner of the house, so that you don’t feel lethargic. 

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Make a Routine 

Making a routine is the best and most productive way to get your tasks done on time. Apart from that, when you make a to do list, or set your routine the moment you wake up, you are active and ready to attend that class with a fresh and decluttered mind. Often when we don’t have our pending work sorted, we cant study or work with concentration and we keep zoning out. To avoid that, making a routine is essential. 

Good Internet 

To study interruption free online, it is very important to invest in good internet that is uncapped as well as efficient. Often times when you are attending classes online, you keep getting disconnected and there is a lot of distortion in your connection. While this happens, you miss most of the lecture and things remain unclear, then your following classes and lectures also remain unclear. While you can always ask the teacher to explain again, to avoid such inconveniences, we recommend Xfinity internet. They provide the best internet service in terms of convenience, speed, several WiFi hotspots, and much more. 

Communicate With Your Classmates and Teachers

When studying, it is important to stay in communication with the people who you study with. Often times we shy away and don’t ask questions, but the best way to learn is to ask as many questions as we have to keep our concepts clear and strong. A good teacher always loves a student who asks questions and discusses about what he is studying. So, don’t be shy and keep your concepts clear because knowledge is power.  


To make sure you stay up to date with what you are learning, always go over the lecture from the previous class. Revise before attending the next session, as it helps in understanding things better and you never really forget what you have been studying. It is never useful to learn something if you want to end up forgetting it, so make sure you save that information well in your brain by paying attention and revising it time to time. Revisions make your learning much more easy and effective. 

Wake up Fresh and Active

Your sleep quality defines a lot how you spend your day, so try to sleep well to wake up active in the morning. Some ways to wake up with a fresh mind, in the morning are to sleep for at least 6-8 hours, making your bed in the morning, opening all the windows and getting natural lights, 10 minutes of exercise, and most importantly having the right breakfast to eat. What you eat in the morning also defines how active you will remain for the day, so be wise with what you eat. 

Cancel Out Distractions

Since humans are impulsive, lazy and addicted to social media, we have many distractions to look forward to while studying, and when the teacher can not see us in an online lecture, we zone out and start scrolling through our phones. To beat distractions and concentrate on the studying, put all you distractions such as your phone away in the other rooms, or on airplane mode. Prioritise your learning time the most and get done with it properly instead of engaging in distractions. 

These are a few tips to work on if you are also an online learner and end up feeling lazy and distracted in your online classes. Distance learning can be much more productive and effective if you do it the right way, so follow these simple tips and make your learning worth the while.