May 21, 2024


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The Best Career Development Opportunities For Adults in 2024

If you’re currently working in adult education, staying aware of all of the current career development opportunities that your clients could access is essential. There are many amazing career development opportunities for adults available worldwide, so you need to make sure that you’re aware of as many as possible so that you can help close the worldwide skills gap and help your clients get as many opportunities as they can. Here are 4 of the best career development opportunities for adults in 2024. 

Understanding Industry Accreditation

One of the best things you can do when it comes to finding the best career development opportunities next year is to understand how industry accreditation is changing. For many industries, how workers get accredited to access work is changing – now, many people will need to gain their qualifications in order to become accredited to work in the industry. For example, CSCS cards will now require qualifications instead of observational evidence. Ensure that the adults you work with are aware of these changes, and can access the education they need to be able to continue their work. 

Funded Qualifications 

Understanding the qualifications that your clients could get completely for free is one of the best things you can do if you want to provide amazing career development opportunities. Getting those all-important qualifications can be costly, and can lock a lot of people out of developing their career. However, there could be many funding opportunities available for your clients. For example, the British Government is currently funding construction NVQs for workers across the UK – make sure that you’re looking into all opportunities for clients to develop their careers fully-funded, and open more doors for the adults in your area. 

Developing Tech Understanding Courses

When it comes to developing skills that are desirable for jobs, one of the most popular forms of training when it comes to helping adults further their career are training courses for using computers and common forms of office software. For many older adults who are trying to get back into the world of work, perhaps after raising children, they find that these technological skills have fallen behind as the tech world has developed so quickly. There are also many tech courses available for free – many schools and technical colleges put on tech development courses for free, and so do local technology stores. Make sure to look into this to give your clients the best possible start when it comes to securing employment. 

Skills for Green Jobs 

One of the biggest trends that will sweep the world of work by storm has to be the amount of green jobs that will become available in the next couple of years, as the sustainable economy takes hold. For many adults, these doors opening could be hugely transformative, and give them a new career that they might not have thought about before. Start looking into the green training programmes available in your area, so you can give adults in your area the appropriate skills for green jobs that they will need.